Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

What is LiveSpace?

LiveSpace is a global livestreaming platform where creators receive an 85% revenue split—no more 50/50 like on other platforms. Our mission is to help the next generation of gamers, musicians, podcasters and creators get discovered, build a community and earn more for their content.

Why did you create LiveSpace?

As creators ourselves, we know where you decide to build your community is a big decision. We also realized that no existing platform truly solved the needs of modern creators. So we decided to build a new platform with creators’ needs in mind every step of the way, from discovery to monetization. LiveSpace is the place we always wished existed, and that we know creators will love.

Where is LiveSpace based?

We're headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Where can I get LiveSpace merch?

Visit our official store to browse official LiveSpace gear.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Keep an eye out for open positions on our Careers page.

Getting Started

Are there any eligibility requirements to start streaming?

Anyone over the age of 13 with a LiveSpace account can stream.

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet, but you can still use the website—and stream!—through your mobile device.

Does LiveSpace cost anything to use?

LiveSpace is free for streamers to use.

Why join LiveSpace if I already stream elsewhere?

LiveSpace helps you not just livestream your content, but build a true online community. With an 85% revenue split (vs. 50/50 on other platforms), a dedicated content discovery feed, and advanced community hosting tools like subscription-only content (coming soon!), LiveSpace is a next-generation platform to help you build your career as a creator, not just get more views.

What streaming software is LiveSpace compatible with?

You can use any software you like – all you need is your LiveSpace Stream URL and Stream Key. We recommend OBS Studio. If you don't want to use software, you can also get started streaming right from your browser with our 1-click webcam integration.

What stream URL do I enter in OBS?

The official LiveSpace stream URL is: rtmps://

You can enter this anywhere it asks for a custom RTMP server.

What browsers are compatible?

All major browsers are supported, and we recommend Google Chrome for the best performance. Using less common browsers such as Vivaldi may result in minor bugs.

Do I need special equipment to stream on LiveSpace?

Nope! All you need to start streaming is a device with a webcam. You can also connect external microphones and cameras if you like.


How do I start a stream?

Just click the video icon in the header, choose a video input and press start. Begin with just your webcam or connect your own external camera and microphone. If you want more control, switch your input to “Stream Key” to send video from OBS software.

What URL will my stream be hosted at?

Your username is your custom URL, like

How are you able to offer an 85% revenue split?

LiveSpace is built on one of the leading global cloud edge networks (not AWS), enabling us to deliver excellent real-time experiences to viewers around the world for a fraction of the cost of competitors. Combined with our diverse revenue model, this allows us to spend less and pay creators more than ever before.

What's the recommended bitrate for OBS?

For a 1080p 30fps stream, we recommend you set your video bitrate at 4,500 and audio at 320.

Are there in-stream alerts for viewer activity?

Not yet, but integrations with existing stream alert tools are in our roadmap! In the meantime, you can use OBS software to achieve this.

Can I record streams to watch later?

Playback of past streams is coming soon! In the meantime, you're free to record your streams yourself and post YouTube videos on your profile page.

Can I add text or image overlays to streams?

You can add text or image overlays to your streams when you use OBS software. We're working on ways to add more features like this to our browser-based creator studio!

Can I invite guests to co-host a stream with me?

Soon! In the meantime, you can use OBS software to achieve this.

Can I share my screen during a livestream?

Not from the platform itself, but you’re welcome to use OBS software to achieve this.


Is there an age restriction on LiveSpace?

Yes – You must be at least 13 years of age to use the platform.

What's the punishment for violating the community guidelines?

Violations of our community guidelines may result in a temporary account suspension or a permanent platform ban, depending on severity of the offense and number of previous account violations.

Can I add social media links to my profile?

Yes – You can add links to your Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and official website to your profile.

Can I accept donations or brand deals outside of LiveSpace?

You're free to monetize your content however you like, including LiveSpace's powerful and easy to use monetization options.


Is LiveSpace licensed for music?

Yes – LiveSpace holds blanket licenses from major Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and GMR, and is in the process of securing licenses from all major labels and publishers.

What kind of content is not allowed on LiveSpace?

You can view our full community guidelines here.

Are kids <13 allowed to appear in streams?

Only if accompanied by a visible adult. We take child exploitation seriously.

Can I stream to LiveSpace from the crowd of a sports event or concert?

Unauthorized broadcast of events is never permitted without express written consent from the original rights holder. If you're planning a legal broadcast of a major event, it helps to let us know beforehand.

Can I talk politics?

Of course! Just make sure you're adhering to our community standards.


How can I earn revenue as a streamer?

Creators can earn revenue on LiveSpace from their community through monthly subscriptions and direct donations. Streamers will also be able to earn revenue from additional sources like merch sales and brand partnerships.

Can I set my own subscription price?

Creator subscriptions will start at $4.99 / month, and we're experimenting with ways to let creators set higher or lower subscription prices for their community. If you don't want to enable subscriptions, you can still earn followers as normal.

Are there any eligibility requirements to start earning revenue?

Anyone can earn money on LiveSpace right away after verifying their identity to enable payments for their account. There are no minimum thresholds or requirements to monetize your channel!

Is there an affiliate or partner program for top streamers?

There is no "Partner Program" on LiveSpace. All streamers can earn an 85% revenue split and have equal opportunity for promotion and features on the platform.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

No – you'll just have to have enough of a balance to cover the payout processing fee.