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A next-gen livestreaming platform.

Get discovered, reach global audiences and monetize your community with a powerful suite of creator tools.

Built for creators, by creators.

85% revenue split

No more 50/50 split. Enjoy a simple 15% platform fee for everyone.

Instant bank payouts

Fast and easy payouts every single week, or instantly for Pro+ users.

No minimum thresholds

Start monetizing right away, with no minimum requirements to qualify.

Post exclusive content

Earn subscribers and engage your top fans with exclusive content.


Go live anytime from your link at Live.space/YOU.


We're social, like you. Engage with your followers even while offline.


Go live with a friend and start a talkshow or podcast.


Keep track of your channel growth in your creator dashboard.

Stable HD streaming even with slow internet.

Next-gen SRT streaming enables 10X higher video bitrates vs traditional RTMP methods. No more video freezing or dropped frames.

Build your online community

Subscriptions & Donations

Earn monthly supporters and in-stream donations.

Post Photos + Updates

Share updates with your community even when offline.

Channel Emotes

Upload your own exclusive channel emotes to customize your streams.

Moderation Tools

Built-in moderation helps you keep your community safe.

What will you create?
announcing our official beta launch   🚀   announcing our official beta launch   🚀   announcing our official beta launch   🚀   announcing our official beta launch   🚀   announcing our official beta launch   🚀   

Choose how to connect

Stream right from
your browser.

Select your webcam and go live. No software needed.

Connect OBS software
for more control.

Connect any streaming software or external camera.

Upgrade to Pro for more.



Unlimited streaming
720p/30fps HD video
Channel analytics
85% revenue split
Co-hosting + OBS software
Weekly no-minimum payouts


Coming Soon

No advertising
Full 4K/60fps UHD video
Advanced creator analytics
85% revenue split
Stream plugins + Pro badge
Instant no-minimum payouts

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What will you create?

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