LiveSpace Community Standards

LiveSpace is a place where people around the world come together to share their voices, talents, and ideas. It’s a place to make friends, build communities, and express yourself openly. The safety and wellbeing of our community is our number one priority, and we have developed standards accordingly for what is and isn’t allowed on LiveSpace. Our platform is home to a diverse audience, and we take great care to account for the viewpoints of people from all different backgrounds in these standards.

These standards are based on globally-accepted guidelines meant to celebrate freedom of expression while also acknowledging that people may perceive content differently than originally intended based on their own beliefs, cultures, and experiences. If the intention of content is unclear and could be interpreted in a harmful or hurtful way, it may be subject to removal by our Trust & Safety team.

If you see something, say something. We encourage our community to take action and report questionable content to our dedicated staff. Violations of our community standards may result in the removal of content, account suspension or a permanent ban. All reports are manually reviewed, and it is at the sole discretion of LiveSpace staff to take any action necessary to ensure the safety of our community.

You can reach our Trust & Safety team anytime by submitting a request in the support portal ↗.

Harassment, Hate Speech & Bullying

We believe that people feel empowered to share and connect more freely when they feel welcome, safe and understood. That is why we have a zero tolerance policy against harassment, hate speech and bullying.

  • We define hate speech as any personal attack based on factors such as age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and ability.
  • We define harassment as any behavior seeking to harm, intimidate, threaten or ridicule, or otherwise cause a person to feel attacked, uncomfortable, scared, or threatened.

What might be considered as harassment, hate speech or bullying:

  • Stalking, over-commenting, or ignored requests to end interaction.
  • Divulging a person’s personal information without permission.
  • Expressing intent to hurt someone physically or emotionally.
  • Divulging a person’s personal information without permission.
  • Creating alternate accounts for the purpose of harassing someone.
  • Falsely reporting users or their content.

Dangerous/Provocative Content

While we appreciate the work that goes into creating an engaging livestream, it is possible to go too far with the content you share. Remember that some activities can be dangerous to do while streaming, and some content could be provocative to your audience or result in unintended consequences. We ask our community to be thoughtful about the content they share on the platform.

Examples of prohibited content:

  • Livestreaming while driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Pranks that may provoke dangerous or violent situations, or result in emotional distress.
  • Satirical content that may be dangerously mistaken for the truth, such as fake home remedies or product reviews.
  • Non skill-based games of chance, e.g. slots, especially involving the gambling of real cash or cryptocurrency. Recognized skill-based games such as Poker are allowed.

Violent/Graphic Content

Violent or graphic content, including content that encourages others to commit acts of violence, is not allowed on LiveSpace. It is important that any content containing violent and/or graphic imagery be immediately flagged and reported to our staff.

What might be considered too violent or graphic:

  • Violent fights (besides sports).
  • Imagery of accidents, injury, or death.
  • Imagery of invasive medical procedures.
  • Animal cruelty or abuse in any form.

Any content suggesting the intent of violence should immediately be reported to our Trust & Safety team via the support portal or at

Sexual/Adult Content

We understand people have different opinions on what is too explicit. LiveSpace asks our users to exercise their judgment and keep their clothes on while on camera. Remember that your audience may consist of different ages, cultures, and beliefs, and some content may unintentionally offend others, so please aim to be respectful to viewers of all backgrounds. Content that is determined to have little added value besides showcasing one’s body may be removed from the platform at the sole discretion of our staff.

What might be considered too sexual:

  • All imagery of explicit sexual acts.
  • Content with sexually suggestive intent (besides education or fine art) including ASMR, stories, or noises.
  • Pornography or fetish-focused content.
  • Exposed genitals, buttocks or breasts.
  • Tight or see through clothing.

Possible exceptions include:

  • Partial nudity when contextually relevant (like bathing suits at the beach).
  • Tight clothing in sports (like wrestling, gymnastics, and dance).


Misinformation can have harmful real-world consequences. What starts out as a joke can quickly become a dangerous rumor. As a result, misinformation is taken seriously on the platform, and we will take action against the propagation of false or misleading information that could lead to the potential harm of any individual, group, entity, or demographic.

What might be considered as misinformation:

  • The promotion of unproven medicinal remedies or health tips.
  • Claims that could emotionally manipulate others or incite harmful acts.
  • Conspiracy theories or false narratives of historical events.
  • Information leveraged to incite fear or reactionary responses.

Spam, Scams & Deceitful Behavior

LiveSpace strives to foster the trust and safety of our community by keeping a high standard of quality for platform content. This is why we ask our users to never attempt to scam, impersonate, or otherwise deceive anyone on the platform. We encourage users to report any questionable content to our staff for immediate review.

What might be considered as spam, scams, or deceitful behavior:

  • Misrepresenting your content from your titles, descriptions, messages, or posts in order to attract more viewers or gain popularity.
  • Sharing content for the sole purpose of driving viewers offsite, such as for the promotion or advertisement of third-party goods or services.
  • Promising money or other rewards through audience engagement.
  • Excessive self promotion aiming to increase traffic to your own profile.
  • Impersonation of any individual, group, organization, or entity that you are not authorized to represent.

Drugs, Alcohol & Weapons

While the use of recreational drugs or alcohol may be present on the platform, we ask our community to always adhere to local laws and regulations and practice moderation. Remember to be conscious of the influence you have on your audience, and that they may have varying comfort levels with drug and alcohol use. The platform may not be used for the purpose of selling restricted substances of any kind. Misinformation about health and medicinal practices is also taken very seriously and may be subject to removal.

Content containing legal, registered weapons may be present on the platform, subject to the adherence of all local laws and regulations. The presence of weapons may never be accompanied by the promotion of violence or harm to oneself or others. The platform may not be used for the purpose of selling weapons of any kind.

Content that is not allowed on the platform:

  • DIY firearms of any kind.

Child Safety

All platform users must be 13 years of age or older. While we allow the incidental presence of persons under 13 in livestreams, an adult must be present at all times during the stream, and children may never act as the sole host or persona in a livestream.

The exploitation of children for entertainment or financial gain will never be tolerated, and any suspected exploitation or endangerment of children for any reason will immediately be removed and reported to the appropriate authorities. Users must always adhere to local laws and regulations when it comes to what minors can or cannot do, such as alcohol or nicotine use.

We encourage our community to report any questionable content containing children or suspected minors to our staff immediately via the support portal.


LiveSpace takes the mental health and wellbeing of our community very seriously. Sharing your own experiences with mental health can be powerful, yet we ask our community to always be conscious of the effect your words and actions could have on those currently struggling with mental health-related issues.

The following is never allowed on the platform:

  • Content showing or promoting self-harm.
  • Instructional content surrounding self-harm.
  • The promotion of substances causing pain or suffering .
  • The promotion or encouragement of activity or challenges that could result in self-harm or otherwise dangerous acts.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of self-harm, we encourage you to call 1-800-273-8255 to reach counselors at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text 741-741 to reach a counselor through Crisis Text Line.

If you’re worried about the wellbeing of someone on LiveSpace, please reach out to our Trust & Safety team via the support portal or at

Extremism/Hate Groups

Extremism and hate groups are not allowed on our platform in any form. LiveSpace will take immediate action against any user seen to be supporting known terrorist organizations or groups that spread hatred or incite violence, or are known to practice extremism.

What might be considered as hateful behavior:

  • Promoting harmful or controversial information, such as conspiracies or half-truths, that could lead to the endangerment of any individual, entity, or group.
  • The promotion of violence or exclusion of any group.
  • Praise or promotion of any known terrorist or hate groups.
  • The use of symbols or other signs of any terrorist groups, gangs, or criminal organizations in a non-educational way.

Personal Privacy

LiveSpace believes everyone has the right to privacy, even online. This is why we do not tolerate the unauthorized sharing of personal information on the platform. Personal information or documentation should never be shared without the explicit permission of the owner, and we encourage users to report any violations of a user’s privacy to our staff. We ask our community to be conscious of where and how they share any personal information on the platform in order to help maintain the safety of our community.

What might be considered as personal information:

  • One’s full legal name or employment information, even if publicly accessible.
  • Other identifying information such as addresses, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Financial information of any kind.
  • Instances of user’s presence or membership on other websites, platforms, or groups.
  • Unauthorized images of any individual or their personal life.
  • Official identifying documents (like a driver license, birth certificate, or passport).

Copyrighted Content

LiveSpace believes in the free expression of our users, and celebrates the sharing and exchange of ideas on our platform. However, in order to protect the rights of creators, musicians, and artists around the world, we ask our community to exercise judgment when sharing content that they have not secured permission for, such as certain digital media or live events.

While the re-sharing of publicly available content is generally allowed on the platform, such as for a reaction video or commentary, users should ensure that they are adding obvious, original value of their own to the content they share. Users should not claim other people’s content as their own, especially for financial gain, and should not share private copyrighted content without the explicit permission of the original owner. We encourage our community to report instances of copyright infringement, impersonation, and other unauthorized dissemination of copyrighted works to our staff.

Examples of content that is not allowed on the platform:

  • Livestreaming content that is not yet publicly accessible, especially in ways that may undermine the original market for that content (like a movie premiere).
  • Livestreaming ticketed events you do not have the right to share (such as concerts and sports games).
  • Re-broadcasting entire recorded works such as TV shows or films. This is almost never justified by simply added commentary.

Any suspected instance of infringement or impersonation on the platform should be reported in the support portal.

Prohibited Games

Certain games are not allowed to be streamed on LiveSpace due to excessive violence, nudity or other harmful or provocative content.

All games with an ESRB rating of Adults Only are prohibited. View the full list of games here.

Other prohibited games include:

3DXChat, Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3, Artificial Academy 1 & 2, Battle R*pe, BMX XXX, Cobra Club, Criminal Girls, Cuckold Simulator, Dramatical Murder, Ethnic Cleansing, Genital Jousting, Grezzo 1 & 2, Harem Party, House Party, HunieCam Studio, HuniePop 1 & 2, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Negligee, P*rno Studio Tycoon, Purin to Ohuro, Purino Party, Radiator 2, R*peLay, Rinse and Repeat, Sakura Angels, Sakura Beach 1 & 2, Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Santa, Sakura Spirit, Sakura Swim Club, Suck My D*ck or Die!, The Guy Game, The Maiden R*pe Assault: Violent Semen Inferno, What's under your blanket!?, Witch Trainer, Yandere Simulator.